SEO Google Ranking – 14 Ways to recover from Google Spam Update October 2022.

Google began rolling out its spam update on October 19, 2022. It was finished on October 21. Although the rollout was done in a timely manner, the impact of the update was huge. Google will place your website in the spam section if it is affected by the update. This could be intentional or accidental. In Article, we will show you how to recover your website from these updates and improve your ranking and traffic.

These are not core updates as these are intended to improve search results quality and not penalize any website however Spam updates are used to penalize spam websites.

You must be taking care of these updates and not have violated any of these spam policies if your website loses traffic after the update.

Don’t worry, according to Google, this update will allow you to get back your website’s traffic.

Here are 14 types of updates and 14 ways to recover from these updates to get back your web page traffic.

Nowadays SEO is complex and requires too much effort and skills so it is difficult for people to solve problems quickly and easily but I have tried to mention a few easy steps to fix them.

Google Accept the following 14 SEO activities (Blackhat SEO) as spam and they are affected through spam updates.

SEO Ranking Google Spam Update October 2022
  1. Cloaking

    Cloaking is the technique to show different content to Google Bot & Show different content to human visitors and few people use dynamic content.

    Solution: Just avoid them using the same content for humans and google bots.
  2. Link Spam

    Make backlinks in a fraudulent way like:

    a). Link purchased
    b). Link exchanged. (you buy links from sites that are usually selling backlinks and google bots/algorithms and check your link profile and check their frequencies.
    c). Automated Links. (Nowadays Automated Links software now outdated and useless.)
    d). Forum signature / Profile Links.
    e). Footer Links (Add a link on free themes or WordPress websites, and add a link in the footer).
    f). Low-quality direct listing or low-quality social bookmarking links.

    Solution: Use Disavow Tool to get rid of these links and Copy paste all backlinks on a text file and then upload the file on the google disavow tool and submit.
  3. Keyword Stuffing

    Do not use keywords unnecessary just use them as per need and naturally do not use unnecessary words in your content. Revise content.

    Solution: Just avoid it in the future and update existing content.
  4. Doorway pages

    You have Travel Tour Website and write different blogs with the same content like Travel Tour for Karachi, Travel Tour for Lahore, and Travel Tour for Islamabad. These are doorway pages.

    Solutions: Just avoid it in the future and update existing content according to the topic and used different images.
  5. Hacked Content

    If your website is hacked use the proper hack cleaning tool and improve your website security, especially WordPress, and avoid null them and plugins.

    Solution: Use Hacked cleaning tool or Null or cracked theme.
  6. Hidden Text & Links

    Hiding content from human visitors while keeping it visible for Googlebot. Use the same color for the text and background. Using images to hide text behind it. replacing text out of the viewport. Making font size 0. Making text transparent via CSS.

    Solution: Just avoid and update existing content and unhide text & Links. same text & links for humans and Google Bots.
  7. Scraped Content / Copy Content.

    Some site owners’ site’s content is based on content taken (“Scraped”) from another same niche/type site or they scrap content from their competitor’s sites that are ranked or from more reputable sites. If you copy content from high-quality sites/sources, without additional useful services or content provided by your site may not provide added value to visitors that may not be ranked or indexed or may also constitute copyright infringement. A site may also be demoted if a significant number of valid legal removal requests have been received. Further, most site owners copy the content from reputable or ranked sites and spin through any AI base software or modify it only slightly (for example, by substituting synonyms or using automated techniques), and republish it and that is also harmful to your site and won’t help in ranking.

    Solution: Just avoid them copying any content from any reputable or competitor site. if you want to copy content then add value to the content like unique useful information and unique images/videos. How to stop someone is copying the content from my websites? Report to google related to content/images/videos.
  8. Auto-Generated / Spammy Content.

    Content generated through AI tools. Right now Google is not accepting it and considered it spam content. Using Content as it is changing a little Spinning original content.

    Solution: Just avoid them and remove the pages that have artificially written content Use.
  9. Malware & Malicious Behaviour

    Sometimes websites have malware codes uploaded from free/null themes/plugins.

    Solution: Check and audit your website
  10. Misleading Functionality / Content

    If your website promises a specific function/facility but is not available for website visitors.

    Solution: Make sure your website has the promised function and it is working correctly. Avoid them.
  11. Sneaky Redirects

    Redirecting to any other page that has different content and topic. Redirecting visitors from human/smartphone / any other category to a different URL without any warning/option.

    Solution: Do not redirect visitors of any particular category to different URLs automatically.
  12. The Affiliates pace

    Affiliates sites that only use content/images provided by the manufacturer to publish the page.

    Solution: Use your own content/images/test results or add value to the content you received from the manufacturer.
  13. Machine Generated Traffic

    Machine-generated traffic consumes resources and interferes with our ability to best serve users, for instance, People use automated bots or search scrapers for sending in organic traffic to their websites or other sites for increasing traffic, getting link juice inorganically, or scrapping google searches. This is called spammy activity and google detects it easily. What Google considers automated traffic or scrapping Google searches? Sending searches from a robot, computer program, automated service, or search scraper Using software that sends searches to Google to see how a website or webpage ranks on Google.

    Solution: Just Avoid and stop using automated bots and machine-generated traffic software. Do not use any tool/script that uses your system/server to scrape Google. Just avoid them if necessary use VPN / VPS for scrapping search results through unverified tools or software.
  14. User Generated Scam or Real Scam

    A site that doesn’t check/moderate the content published by users and does not use UGC Link rel on the links submitted by website visitors. Do not use logos and color schemes of established brands.

    Solution: Give proper clarification that your website doesn’t represent the aforementioned brands in any way.

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